How Rise gives lives a lift

Rise aims to help people with limited mobility get active, have fun and improve their wellbeing and fitness through our unique ‘adapted sports’ programme, which enables people to experience the joy of games while playing and competing together.

What are ‘adapted sports’?

Essentially they’re games people love, played in new ways. We’ve adapted sports such as football, rugby and hockey to be played sitting down, so anyone can join in – whether they’re recovering from illness or injury, have limited mobility or simply because of age.

Our sessions provide great exercise and fun for all ages, and clients love them. With activities tailored to the different abilities within the group – even bed-bound – they provide a competitive element and build camaraderie between people, while giving them something to talk about between sessions and letting them reminisce about when they were at school or memories of adult experiences.

We’ve had many successes – including one client, Geoff, who was recovering from a stroke and found the community sessions made such a difference he now wants to volunteer with us!

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